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  Skull Decals & Pirate Decals
Flaming Skull Car Decal Sticker Set
Flaming Skull Car Decal Sticker Set
View enlarged detailed view of these flaming skull decals.

A hot flaming skull decal! Flames flying off a realistic skull make this skull decal a must for anyone who loves flying down the highway. Skull Picture with Flames comes in a two pack, one facing left and one facing right for both sides of your vehicle or motorcycle tank!  Only sold as a set.
Available in six sizes:   
•   3 inches x 8.75 inches        
•   5.5 inches x 15.5 inches   
•   9 inches x 25.75 inches     
•   11 inches x 31.5 inches     
•   17.25 inches x 28.5 inches     
•   30.25 inches x 86.5 inches
(all dimensions rounded to the nearest 1/4 inch)

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Item No. Description Amount Qty.
MSC_S3-001 3 in. X 8.75 in. 2 to a pack $7.95  
MSC_S3-001 5.5 in. X 15.5 in. 2 to a pack $19.95  
MSC_S3-001 9 in. X 25.75 in. 2 to a pack $36.95  
MSC_S3-001 11 in. X 31.5 in. 2 to a pack $52.95  
MSC_S3-001 17.25 in. X 49.5 in. 2 to a pack $98.95  
MSC_S3-001 30.25 in. X 86.5 in. 2 to a pack $272.95  

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